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  • Victor

    Your daily bible versus is which one i felt the word of God which i directly receive from the god. It is very useful for me to overcome all the situations which i met daily. He guides me on the daily path. Also pray for me to stand on the path of our Christ Jesus. Praise God for your ministry

  • James , S. Africa

    Hello Brother, Since 2007 I used to receive your sms in Oman, UAE & now in SAfrica through Airtel Roaming. The verses are strengthen my day to day life & used to solve my problems. I would like to donate, send me ur banking details. God bless you & ur ministries. Thanks

  • Immanuel Maduram

    Daily Bible verses are very useful to us and comfort us! Thankyou very much

  • Anto Selvakumar

    I am able to read atleast a verse a day i am happy that i am carrying a verse everyday with me through sms, I am strengthened by it.

  • Sis.Kalpana

    Thanks for everday bible verses the word of GOD really talk me and strengthen me in all situation

  • Rhaj Vijay

    I’m receiving versus from u everyday in my mobile.. God is speaking with me daily… Thank U so much…