Dr. Jasper Jeba Prabhu
Dr. Jasper Jeba Prabhu


Dr. Jasper Jeba Prabhu, B.E (IT), M.E (CSE), MBA, Ph.D is the founder of Siloam Ministries.

Early Life

Dr. Jasper was born in Tuticorin (now called as Thoothukudi) , a Southern Part of Tamil Nadu, India.  He was nurtured well with bible in his Sunday school by a teacher Mrs. Vincent Azariah,  Christ Church , SPIC Nagar. Blessed with a godly parents and a elder sister ,who encouraged him more in church activities like Choir, music and helping other ministries.

He did his High School in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu. During his high school, he was actively participant of Evangelical Union. He had coordinated various Evangelical, discipleship Camps.  Trained in Leadership Program conducted by UESI developed the leadership skills within.  He started his walk with Jesus by serving the LORD by playing music for more than a decade for various Christian organizations and across denomination. He had the thirst to serve the LORD.

He graduated from Karunya Institute of Technology,( now known as Karunya University) a Christian Technical University, founded by Lt.Dr.D.G.S.Dhinakaran and Dr.Paul Dhinakaran. Earlier days of college, he lived an ordinary christian life which did not significantly impact on others life.

Vision from God

During his later part of his college days, he used pray along with few of his friend in his College Grounds. On July 1, 2004 evening, significantly while he was praying in his college Football grounds, God filled him with his Holy Spirit, which was the turning point for his personal life and ministry growth. Further, while attending a minstrel training( Institute of Power Ministry) God showed Bro. Jasper in a clear vision, what he has to do for the furtherance of his kingdom, also showed the paths how God is going to lead him in the days to come and also gave a name to the ministry he has to start- Siloam Ministries (John 9:7).

He started this ministry by sending SMS to just a few people and now it has spread to cater to a multitude. There did come times of difficulty, but he put his faith in God and is now able to see the fruits. Today God is touching the lives of thousand and thousand of people through this ministry. The bible verses have touched many lives through this SMS ministry, where in we send Bible Verses as text messages (SMS) to the mobiles of persons who voluntarily register themselves with us from their own mobile initially and now it has upgraded to reach people through Android Application. Through these verses lots of people have been blessed by the timely messages & encouragement given by the Lord’s verse. We send the Word of God to people in Tamil Nadu, and also across various states and more than 8 countries all over the world.

Now this ministry has grown up with a different dimension, like Bible College, E-mail ministries, worship session, ministry among youth, fasting prayers session, anointing sessions, TV Ministries, ministering along with the church irrespective of the denominations, Bible Distributions fasting prayers every first Saturday in Siloam Hall, Chennai, where we pray for the entire prayer requests.
God is doing great miracles in the ministry and through the ministry. God has been sufficient to fulfill his promises that he has given us in our ministry which has helped us to serve the LORD with humility and with the power of the Holy Spirit till his kingdom comes.